The Department of Communication's domestic internship program gives students the opportunity to acquire practical work experience in the field of their study. Students have worked throughout the United States as interns in television and radio stations, advertising agencies, public relations firms, corporations, nonprofit organizations, and newspapers. The department's television channel, AppTValso has internship opportunities for students who are interested in pursuing careers in media and television. In addition, the department offers several international internship opportunities 

Students may earn from 3 to 12 internship credit hours, at a rate of 40 work hours per credit hour. COM 3900 Communication Internship counts toward the application courses requirement in the communication studies major, and the professional development courses requirement in the public relations major. Other communication majors may take COM 3900 Communication Internship to meet their electives requirement.

When a student is approved to do an internship, the Communication Department requests from the host organization the following:

  • That the departmental supervisor be permitted to contact the internship site supervisor by phone and email to check on the student's progress,
  • That the internship site supervisor completes a short departmental evaluation form on the student every two-three weeks of the internship,
  • That the internship site supervisor confer with the departmental supervisor to assign a grade of satisfactory or unsatisfactory to the student's internship performance, and
  • That the departmental supervisor be permitted to visit the student on site at least once during the internship.


Ms. Debbie Poulos
Internship Coordinator
Department of Communication

Students interested in setting up a domestic internship are encouraged to make an appointment with Ms. Poulos to discuss possibilities and responsibilities. 

The student is responsible for finding an organization with which to do the internship and for preparing a description of internship responsibilities. The Internship Coordinator in the Department of Communication has a file of potential organizations that have expressed interest in hosting an intern.


In order to qualify for the Communication Department's internship program, a student must meet the following conditions:

  • Have a junior (at least 60 credit hours) or a rising junior (more than 45 credit hours) standing at the University.  The summer between the junior and senior years is the ideal time for an internship;
  • Have a grade point average of 3.0 in major courses
  • Find an organization for the internship that meets departmental approval (i.e., the internship should be performed under adequate supervision, should be an extension of course work into the real world, should not be just a "summer job," and should provide the student an opportunity to acquire new knowledge about the chosen major field of study); and
  • Secure approval of the internship proposal from a faculty member in the department or the department chairperson.