Communication alumAs a department dedicated to students, it's not too surprising that we're proud of our alumni. Students from this department have gone on to successful careers all over the country, empowered by the one quality that has impressed employers over and over again: a positive, teachable, committed attitude.

We're convinced that our current students can learn a lot from our alumni, as well as from our other friends in various professional fields. We're also convinced that we as a department have a lot to learn from you. That's why we encourage our alumni and friends to come visit us, give guest lectures, teach a class or two, share advice about our curriculum or get involved with our mission in any way possible. 

We also encourage you to visit the Alumni Association site and update your contact information so we can stay in touch.


The Department of Communication is a technology-intense department. We have numerous equipment needs with our large number of students, and quality production equipment is expensive. In addition, we have several scholarships supporting students who plan to pursue careers in the field. We need your support to provide our students with the education and experience to be successful professionals.

To learn more about giving, or give to the department, visit Appalachian's online Giving page.