The Department of Communication is dedicated to putting students first. Our faculty members place a priority on quality teaching, which is demonstrated by their engaging courses, revising the curriculum and course materials, and caring for students. Our staff do their best to ensure that students meet the university's requirements so they can graduate on time.

Our curriculum gives students hands on, real-time experiences that transform how they see the world and their chosen field. As a result, our students develop communication, media, and broadcasting skills that can take them to the top of their fields. Students graduate not only with the skills they need to succeed and thrive wherever their career takes them, but with the confidence they need to pursue their dreams. 

Fall 2020 Updates

Dear COM Students,

Your professors in the Department of Communication have been working harder than ever to get their classes ready for fall. Many of them have even told me that their summer online classes have been some of the best classes that they have ever taught. All of the new thinking we have had to do about our courses has led to some great new teaching ideas.

As you look at your detailed class schedule for fall (not printable), you will notice that your COM classes are now listed as either hybrid or online. Classes listed as online will be completely online but will usually include synchronous virtual class sessions (everyone online at the same time). 

If your course is listed as hybrid, this means that your class will be accessible online but will also include in-person meetings. Your professors will outline their unique mix of seated and online elements in their syllabi. Most hybrid COM courses will also be able to be completed fully online if you are unable to be present for in-person class meetings. Your professors will be in touch with you soon concerning their in-person expectations.

The most important thing you can do, right now, to be ready for fall is to make sure that you will have an appropriate computer and reliable internet access. Every student enrolled in a COM course will need a computer capable of video conferencing and reliable, fast, and unlimited internet access to complete their courses this coming semester.

In addition, many students in the Department of Communication are enrolled in at least one course that involves working with graphics, audio, or video. Students enrolled in video courses will need a computer capable of running Adobe Premier Pro. All other students will likely be successful if they have a computer capable of running Adobe Illustrator

While some computer labs may remain open at reduced capacity and with limited hours, you will not want to rely on them to join online class meetings or to complete your assignments. Having a laptop computer on campus this fall will be very important.

We are confident that if we all approach the coming semester creatively, flexibly, and patiently, we can meet whatever challenges we face.

See you all soon,

Scott Welsh, Ph.D.
Associate Professor & Chair
Department of Communication
Appalachian State University


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