Study Abroad

Study abroad is an important component of student development for so many reasons. It's the opportunity to test yourself in another culture, to apply the lessons learned in classrooms to the real world, and to develop skills unique to this experience. In the words of one student returning from her time abroad, "the experience changes people in ways that they cannot imagine" (Katie Casella, class of 2012).

The benefits of studying abroad reach well beyond the experience! Students have added their international travel experiences to their resumes, used course requirements as part of their professional portfolios, found opportunities for new career choices, expanded their definitions of public service, and applied what they've learned to enriching class discussion and assignments.

In many cases, participation in trips through the Communication Department allows our majors and minors to count the experience as required courses while offering them an adventure well beyond that of the typical classroom. We're also very excited about our new dual degree program that allows students to study for two years at ASU, and two years in Mexico! To find out more, check with trip leaders or visit the Office of International Education & Development. To apply, go directly to their application page.

Disclaimer: Appalachian State University reserves the right to cancel or alter the program format or to change costs in case of conditions beyond the University's control.

Intercultural Experience: Belize (COM 3546 - may be substituted for COM 3124) provides an introduction to intercultural communication and the opportunity to develop basic intercultural understanding and communication skills thorough interactions in another culture. Primary to the learning experience is understanding ourselves as communicators. Belize offers a unique opportunity for intercultural training because of its varied cultural fabric and its designation of English as the national language. While there, we will visit villages, participate in presentations by local speakers, and take part in traditional activities.

Poland: Intercultural Communication (COM 3124- section TBA) & Changes in Polish Communication Since the Fall of Communism (COM 3549). Join us for a trip to experience the Polish culture. Most people stereotype Poland as a dark, backwards country, but you will be pleasantly surprised by how modern and progressive it is as well as how beautiful & historical the countryside is. Places visited include Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Olstyn, Kolobrzeg, Malbork, Torun, and Zakopane. A visit to Auschwitz will be a memory of a trip you will not forget, as will the visit to Wolf's Lair, Adolf Hitler's bunker for most of World War II. Enjoy learning of how culture influences communication patterns, as well as changes in an old world culture.

Mexico: App State students now have the option to receive two undergraduate degrees in communication, one from the Appalachian State and the other from our partner university in Mexico, the Universidad de las Américas Puebla (UDLAP). Learn more about the Dual-Degree Program in Communication with UDLAP.

A Bit of History

To Hel and Back! In the 1990s, faculty from App met with faculty from Polish institutions to explore opportunities to enrich student experiences. Former department chair, Dr. Janice Pope, was among those taking part in the trip.

England, The Beatles and Popular Culture

In previous years, students have gone to London for COM 3531/41: England, The Beatles & Pop Culture. There they studied the Beatles' influence on popular culture through the mass media while touring England's center of government, finance and culture, and The Fab Four's hometown.

Long considered the cultural capital of English-speaking countries, London is a fascinating mélange of old and new, past and future. The city is home to people from around the world, and a top tourist destination. Students had the chance to observe cultural differences and similarities, learn about London's role in creating popular culture, and experience first-hand the city's sights and sounds.

The 2008 course included a side trip to Liverpool, home of The Beatles, and was timed to take advantage of the city's designation as the 2008 European Capital of Culture.