Advertising and Public Relations in the Spanish Wine Industry

Program Dates: May 20 - June 3, 2024

This program offers a unique experience for students to acquire knowledge of the Spanish wine industry's advertising and public relations practices. We will visit universities, advertising and PR agencies, and wineries in Barcelona. You will learn how wine is produced and marketed to local and global audiences. This experiential learning opportunity can enrich your understanding of how culture influences advertising and other communication artifacts. All majors may participate. No prior advertising or PR experience is required.


Program Cost: $4589*

*Plus tuition, airfare & fees



Course Prefix

Course Name


COM 4040

International Advertising


COM 3538

Selected Topics in PR


Faculty Leaders

Dr. Shanshan Lou
Associate Professor, Advertising
Department of Communication

Dr. Jiangxue Han
Assistant Professor, Public Relations
Department of Communication



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