Inspiring Intercultural and Organizational Communication in Italy

Program Dates: May 28 - June 11, 2024

Experience the wonders of Florence, Italy, with its rich culture, bustling businesses, breathtaking landscapes, phenomenal cuisine, and famous masterpieces and architecture. This hybrid, experiential program will focus on studying Intercultural and Organizational Communication within the workplace in and around Florence. We will learn the best practices for communicating effectively and efficiently in a professional environment by combining classroom learning, company visits, cultural activities, and excursions within industries such as Hospitality, Commerce and Retail, Culinary Arts, and Tourism. Take advantage of this chance to engage with professionals and small business owners in an international setting and the opportunity to earn six college credits while studying in this stunning location. This program will be an unforgettable experience. All majors are invited to participate.


Program Cost: $4198* - $5198*

*Plus tuition, airfare & fees


Course Prefix

Course Name


COM 2124

Intercultural Communication


COM 3152

Organizational Communication


Faculty Leaders

Debra Poulos
Senior Lecturer, Communication Studies
Department of Communication

Carey Maple
Senior Lecturer, Communication Studies
Department of Communication


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