Program of Study

Prepare to join the multi-billion dollar advertising industry through Appalachian State University's unique multi-track program, in-house creative agency, Second Story Media, field experiences and study abroad opportunities. Whether you are interested in developing advertising strategy or the creative elements of an advertising campaign, the Advertising (BS) will prepare you for an ever-evolving and fast-paced career.

Major courses provide a foundational understanding of the field of advertising, media publishing, promotional video, social media strategies, research, professional ethics, international advertising and a thorough exploration of advertising campaigns.

As you progress through the program, you choose to concentrate in either Strategic Advertising or Creative Advertising. Strategic Advertising focuses on media planning, client development and services, and consumer insights. Creative Advertising focuses on graphic design, copywriting, video production and developing creative campaigns. When you’re ready to launch your advertising career, you will be well-prepared and equipped with an industry specific professional portfolio.

Admission Requirements

  • A minor is required for all Communication majors.
  • If double majoring with a major outside of Communication, a minor is not required.
  • If double majoring IN Communication, a minor IS required.
  • A foreign language is not required for Communication majors.
  • Students must have an overall GPA of 2.0 (or higher) to declare a major in advertising. 
  • Advertising majors must choose an emphasis as part of their degree program.

Emphasis Declaration Form

Computer Requirement

Many students in the Department of Communication are enrolled in at least one course that involves working with graphics, audio, or video. Students enrolled in video courses will need a computer capable of running Adobe Premier Pro. All other students will likely be successful if they have a computer capable of running Adobe Illustrator.

While computer labs are open, you may not want to rely on them to join online class meetings or to complete your assignments. Having a laptop computer will be very helpful.

Core Courses (6 Hours)

A 2.0 GPA is required in the core courses

COM 1200 - Thinking Through Communication (3)
COM 2101 - Public Speaking (3) OR
COM 2105 - Public Speaking in the Disciplines (3)

Major Core (24 Hours)

COM 2700 - Foundations of Advertising (3)
COM 2618 - Introduction to Media Publishing (3)
COM 3245 - Introduction to Promotional Video (3)
COM 3317 - Social Media Strategies (3)
COM 3428 - Advertising Research (3)
COM 3430 - Professional Ethics in Advertising (3) [WID]
COM 4040 - International Advertising
COM 4400 - Advertising Campaigns [CAP]

Advising Questions?

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For all other questions, please contact your assigned advisor or for further assistance.