Admission to the Department

The Department of Communication seeks to admit students who are dedicated to pursuing a degree in the varied fields of communication.

Students may declare a major in Advertising, Communication Studies, Journalism or Public Relations as soon as they meet the university's requirements for declaring a major.

Programs of Study

*Resource limitations place a restriction on the number of students who can be served effectively by the department's Electronic Media/Broadcasting major. Only after a student has been accepted into the Electronic Media/Broadcasting major can he or she declare that major. Students must apply for admission to the EM/B major no later than Feb. 1 for the following fall semester, or no later than Sept. 15 for the following spring semester. You can apply to EM/B here.  Transfer students should email for guidance on the possibility of summer declaration.

If more students apply for admission into the EM/B major than resources can accommodate, selections will be made based on overall GPA and GPA in COM 1200. In the event of equal GPAs and COM 1200 grades, the selection committee will ask students to submit a writing sample.