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Ph.D., Communication Studies, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
M.A., Communication, Auburn University
B.A., English, University of Georgia


Currently Teaching (Spring 2024)

COM 3300 Media & Society
COM 3341 Communication Ethics
COM 3500 Manipulative Media (Independent study)

Courses Taught

COM 3130 Race & Diversity in Media
COM 3300 Media & Society
COM 3317 Social Media Strategies
COM 3341 Communication Ethics
COM 3500 Technological Revolutions & the Future of War (independent study)
COM 3500 Manipulative Media (independent study)
HON 2515 Technology, Philosophy & Power

Teaching and Research Specialities

Media & Technology Studies
Cultural Studies
Critical Theory


Journal Articles

  • Davis, Andrew. “Whose Singularity? Artificial Intelligence as a Mechanism of Corporate Sovereignty.” Culture Machine 20 (2021): 1-23.
  • Davis, Andrew. “Failure Is Always an Option: The Necessity, Promise & Peril of Radical Contextualism.” Cultural Studies 33.1 (2019): 46-56.
  • Kim, Sei-Hill, John P. Carvalho, Andrew G. Davis, and Amanda M. Mullins. “The View at the Border: News Framing of the Definition, Causes, and Solutions to the Illegal Immigration Problem.” Mass Communication and Society 14.3 (2011): 292-314.
  • Kim, Sei-Hill, John P. Carvalho, and Andrew G. Davis. “Talking About Poverty: News Framing of Who Is Responsible for Causing and Fixing the Problem.” Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly 87.3/4 (2010): 563-81.

Book Chapters

  • Davis, Andrew. “Teaching Conjuncturally: Cultural Studies as the Practice of Conjunctural Analysis.” Cultural Studies in the Classroom & Beyond: Critical Pedagogies & Classroom Strategies. Eds. Jaafar Aksikas, Sean Johnson Andrews, and Donald Hedrick. Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan, 2019. 259-278.
  • Davis, Andrew. “Dap-Dippin’ Independent Tradition: The Rebirth of Rhythm and Blues.” Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself: Essays on Debut Albums. Ed. George Plasketes. Aldershot, UK: Ashgate, 2013. 179-88.
  • Davis, Andrew. “From Junk to Jesus: Recontextualizing ‘The Pusher’.” Play It Again: Cover Songs in Popular Music. Ed. George Plasketes. Aldershot, UK: Ashgate, 2010. 111-26.

Book Reviews

  • Davis, Andrew. "We Are Not One People. Secession & Separatism in American Politics Since 1776 by Michael J. Lee & R. Jarrod Atchison." Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly (2023). https://doi-org.proxy006.nclive.org/10.1177/10776990231206366
  • Davis, Andrew. "A Philosophy of Cover Songs by P.D. Magnus." Popular Music 42.1 (2023): 116-118.
  • Davis, Andrew. “Neoliberalism from Below: Popular Pragmatics and Baroque Economies, by Verónica Gago.” Journal of Cultural Economy 11.2 (2018): 172-5.


  • Stump, Jessica. “Don’t Be an April Fool for ‘Fake News’: Appalachian Communication Professor Dr. Andrew Davis Shares Tips on How to Discern Fact from Fiction in a World of Increasing Misinformation.” Appalachian Today. April 2, 2019. https://today.appstate.edu/2019/04/02/fake-news.

Recent Awards

  • Royster Society of Fellows, UNC-CH, 2016-Present
  • Outstanding Scholarship and Creative Endeavor, College of Fine & Applied Arts, Appalachian State University 2020-2021
  • NC Television, Inc. Award, Department of Communication, UNC-CH, 2017-2018
Title: Assistant Professor, Communication Studies
Department: Department of Communication

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Phone: (828) 262-7760

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