3 Things You Should Know About Communication Majors


By Christine Lav


Sometimes people have a misconception that in communication classes we sit together and just talk. In reality, the life of a communication major is so much more! Here's the truth about life as a communication major!


1. Communication Majors' Assignments Give Real World Experience

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Every so often when I'm with my friends, l say something about how I have a lot of work to do and they brush it off because they don't believe me! But in reality I have videos to film, photoshop projects, 3 presentations, an exam, and 2 papers due by the end of the week. And I know that all the hard work I'm doing will prepare me for an awesome career.


2. Communication Degrees Stand Out When Looking For a Job

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When I first got accepted into ASU and my family and friends asked me what my major was going to be I said, "Public Relations and Journalism." I got some serious side-eye from them, and I could tell they were on the fence about my decision. But what I've experienced and learned in the Communication Department has so much value!

I've invested a lot of time into many research assignments. And most of my work is actually written; it's not just showing up to class and going home without any other work to do. The things I have learned in classes are directly applicable to what I will be doing in my career field. For example, in my Public Relations Principle class, we are learning how to write a press release, which is essential when becoming a PR professional.

3. Communication Majors do More Than Just Play Around on Facebook

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Social media is a big part of communication especially if you're working in public relations, but that doesn't mean that it is the main part of our job. Plus, social media is more than just posting pictures and using hashtags, it also involves studying analytics and trends, getting content, editing media samples, and monitoring accounts 24/7. Digital communication is a growing industry and social media is a key aspect - one that I and a lot of other Communication students are learning how to succeed in.

Published: Apr 2, 2019 11:36pm