3 Things I Wish I Knew Before Picking a Major


At this point in my college career, I am feeling very confident about my future. I love my major and my classes here in the App State Communication Department! It hasn't always been like this though. Like most freshmen, I had no idea what I wanted to do and where college was going to take me. I always had an interest in the Communication programs but didn't even know how and where to put my foot in the ground and get started!


1. It's okay to be overwhelmed and unsure! There's a resource for that!

I remember feeling so overwhelmed with the huge sea of diverse majors. I felt alone, too! I didn't know anyone with the same interests as me and didn't know where to get look for those people. Some people even told me I wouldn't be successful in this field, which isn't true at all. But I have found so many resources and opportunities to help me be successful while doing what I love. Our Com Department website was and still is one of the most helpful resources to me. You can find information on each major program, out-of-class opportunities like internships, ways to get involved, faculty and staff information, and other links to find out more information on many other things!

I am here to tell you that these feelings I mentioned are pretty normal and nothing to be afraid of because there are so many resources, opportunities, and people to help you find your way at Appalachian State.I wish I took more advantage of these resources and wish I knew not to let these feelings intimidate me because I am here for my education and my future so why hold back?


2. If you are creative, a Communication Degree might be a good choice for you!

I have always excelled in areas of writing, art, creativity, and communication and wanted to learn more about it and what major would be a good fit for me. After meetings with my advisors and experimenting with different classes, I knew the COM department was the place for me. If you think you have the skills and are interested in this kind of work there is something for everyone!

The teachers and classes I have had have really helped me through my program in making sure it is what I want to do by giving clear expectations and challenging me. I have learned so many skills in my time here at Appalachian in my major and minor and can't wait to take on the real world and find a job all while doing what I love.

The COM department offers 5 majors that will prepare you for a huge variety of jobs related to communications. These majors will prepare you for careers in fields that are rapidly expanding. These majors are Advertising, Communication Studies, Electronic Media/Broadcasting, Journalism, and Public


3. Follow your heart and do what you love!

The COM department has helped me and so many other students do this. The program is phenomenal, the teachers are amazing, and the experience and skills you gain are abundant. The opportunities are endless. There is nothing to be afraid of!

In my advertising classes, I have learned things from creating campaigns and writing effective copy to becoming skilled in adobe suit. I love that I get to showcase my creative side but use my analytical side for the work we do. The projects I get to do in every class are my favorite part of the major because they are tasks we would similarly be asked to do in the workforce in our field. My major and minor classes have set me up to become a well rounded and skilled student going into my future. It is such a great feeling to build success and experience in a field that I love in an amazing place. I love that the classes in my program are smaller and have a more close-knit atmosphere. In this atmosphere, you get so much needed help and attention from your professors and get to work and grow with other students.

Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and get involved because experience is highly favored and recommended in this field and most importantly, this is your future so do what you love! If you are interested in a department degree program, they are all fantastic and beneficial programs here at Appalachian State. You will learn so many skills needed for success in your desired field that gives you the needed experience your job field will be looking for. If you think you are interested in one of these fields, definitely head over to the COM department website or to our Facebook page to find out more information and see other students' success stories.



My name is Elizabeth McLean, and I am a second semester junior majoring in Advertising and minoring in Graphic Arts and Imaging Technology. I am currently interning with the COM Department as a digital content intern and love the experience these opportunities have given me! 

Published: Apr 5, 2019 5:48pm