Dr. Thomas S. Mueller

Dr. Thomas Mueller


Social scientist, fitness advocate. Consumer psychology for ethical advertising. Research in consumer messaging promoting energy conservation. Marketing partner and global blogger for Mandela Fellows African leaders.  Faculty in residence and founder of the Active Living Residence Learning Community.

Social media on LinkedIn and YouTube; feel free to contact me via email and take a moment to review my personal website.


Focus on student partnerships that inspire learning and curiosity through data reporting and interpretation. Psychological model development for multi-dimensional assessment of behavior and motivation.

Recent undergraduate student research publications: 

Perceptions of Charitable Giving: Discovering and Understanding Societal Views to Maximize the Ability to Build Homes, Hopes, and Futures

Gender bias in sport media a critical analysis of Twitter content and the National Football League's Carolina Panthers

American and Australian Sprint Car Racing: Increasing Standardization as a Motivator for Economic Growth


PhD, Mass Communication, University of Florida

MBA, Otterbein University, Westerville, OH

B.A., Journalism, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire

Teaching focus

Expertise in sport and entertainment advertising, analytics marketing, research featuring predictive models for consumer behavior. Courses on student-oriented statistical research, social media marketing, international advertising, advertising ethics, and senior capstone advertising campaigns.

Course development

UCO 1200 (first year seminar, developed for Active Living RLC)
COM 1200 (foundations of communication, developed seated and online)
COM 2300 (intro mass media, developed seated)
COM 2700 (foundations of advertising, developed seated)
COM 3202 (advertising copywriting, developed seated and online)
COM 3300 (mass media & society, developed seated)
COM 3544 (Special Topics, sport advertising)
COM 3544 (Special Topics, selling through social media)
COM 3640 (media planning, developed seated and online)
COM 3928 (research methods, developed seated and online)
COM 4040 (international advertising, developed seated and online)
COM 4250 (ethical practices in advertising, developed seated and online)
COM 4402 (advanced advertising capstone, seated)
COM 4400 (advertising campaigns)
COM 4510 (senior honors thesis)


International Board of Directors, Journal of Gender Studies

Associate Editor, Int'l Journal of Motorsport Management

Faculty advisor, Communication Department student special events group

Steering committee, ASU Faculty/Staff Christian Fellowship

Faculty in Residence, Hoey Hall

Founder and chair, Active Living Residence Learning Community

Recent awards

2019-2020 College of Fine and Applied Arts Service Award

Keynote speaker 2019 ASU Housing Residence Life Awards Banquet "Resilience and Residence Life"


Mueller, T. (2020). Beyond binomial: Exploring practical applications for gender research. Journal of Gender Studies, 1–3

Mueller, T., Wingrove, T. & Murray, S. (2020). The Human response to Pet Rescue TV Commercials. Pet Behaviour Science (pending publication).

Russell, J., Cazier, J., Hassler, E. & Mueller, T. (2020). Using Data Analytics to Understand the Electrical Consumption Patterns of Residential Buildings. Journal of Architectural Engineering, 26(1).

Mueller, T., Hassler, E., Cazier, J. and Russell, J. (2019). Energy Audits and Efficiency Rebates Drive Energy Consumer Satisfaction. Natural Gas & Electricity, 36: 13-18.

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Perreault, G. & Mueller, T. (2019). Who loves the Biblical Epic? A mixed-method analysis of online community perception of epic Biblical movies. New Heart and New Spirit: Perspectives on the Modern Biblical Epic. Clayton, W. (Ed.) Austin, TX: University of Manchester Press (In Press)

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Mueller, T. (2008). NASCAR in Mexico: the US expansion of motorsport into Hispanic culture. International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship, 9(3), 205.

Title: Professor, Advertising
Department: Department of Communication

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