A Day in the Life of a Communication Major


By Christine Lav


When you become a COM Major at Appalachian State, your days (as far as classes go) are mostly spent in Walker Hall or in the Beasley Media Complex. Here's a little walk through of my schedule at the moment as a COM major.


7 AM: Dread waking up because I have to get to my 8 AM

"tired" gif

(actual footage of me in the morning) At least once every year I have an 8 AM class!! I've ended up taking a lot of them. But as a double major, I make it work! It can be a struggle to get up, but I always manage to get to class on time.


7:45 AM: Run to catch the silver route, because it's the closest stop to Walker/Beasley

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Since I live at the Appalachian Panhellenic Hall, Silver comes by right in time for me to make it to class on time. It drops off right at Jimmy Smith Park. It's SO nice, especially when it's super cold and windy, because nobody wants to deal with that. The Appalcart is very convenient for all students, since it can take you anywhere on or off campus around. Plus, it's free for students!!


8-10:50 AM: Classes

"in class"

I have 3 classes back to back in Walker Hall, which I don't mind, especially because I know that by the time I leave the building it'll be at least 10 degrees warmer.


Somewhere between 8-10:50 AM: daydream about food

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After a while of being in class, people will start to pull out their snack and I've never been so jealous of a person in my life. I need brain food after all! Walking around the buildings on campus there's always an array of snacks in the vending machines that you can just swipe your meal plan money on and munch on during or between class. They've got poptarts for that quick breakfast fix, or a starbucks coffee for that extra energy!


10:50 AM: speed walk across campus to my last class of the day

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At this point, I'm exhausted and have to remind myself to push through and get to class and then I'm home free! 


12 PM: Finally done with class, then realize I still have homework/studying to do

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Usually I'll go home first since I've been on campus all day and need time to relax before the grind starts back up again. Homework usually consist of anything from going out and getting footage for a video, working on an Adobe program, interviewing people, or reading up on a PR scandal.


The Rest of the Day?

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Stay tuned to find out what I do on my time outside of my busy class schedule during the say.

Published: Apr 11, 2019 7:25pm