The Beasley Equipment Cage

Fall 2022 Beasley Equipment Cage Policies & Procedures

  • The Beasley Equipment Cage is located in Beasley Media Comples (BMC) 301.

  • FALL 2022: All Gear Is Due Back No Later Than 12/6/22 (Last Day of Classes). 

  • Be Sure To Schedule Your Appointment Here:

  • Beasley Equipment Cage Hours vary by week, Mon-Fri only. Please use the above link to check available times.

  • ALL Cage Visits are by appointment only.  WALK-UPS without an appointment are not permitted.

Beasley Cage Equipment Checkout Policies

ALL checkouts and returns will be done through the Google Appointment Slots online appointment scheduling system. Walk-ups will not be permitted. Slots will be in 10-minute increments.


Choose an available 10 minute time slot using this link:

    1. Arrive ON TIME.

    2. Have your App ID Card ready to swipe.

    3. Be prepared to go over ALL equipment items to be sure nothing is missing or broken upon check-out and check-in. You will be responsible for all missing and broken items when equipment is returned. 

    4. If you cannot keep your appointment, CANCEL it so that others can use the time slot(s). Simply delete your appointment on the Google Appointment Slots Calendar.

Standard check-out times are 2 days (Mon-Wed checkouts) and 3 days (Thur-Fri checkouts) unless otherwise authorized by your professor.

Late Penalties

It is your responsibility to return your equipment during posted hours on the weekday it is due. Failure to return equipment in time will result in a hold on your account as follows:

Days Late - Account Hold Duration:

One - One Week
Two - Two Weeks
Three - Three Weeks
Four - Account Suspended (Contact your professor.)

Insurance & Liability

The Department of Communication requires that students sign a liability agreement, as well as purchase insurance to cover loss, theft ! and/or damage to equipment. A minimum $3,000 policy is required, and can be purchased from Policies are good for one year from time of purchase.

All EMB students taking production courses requiring the use of our gear must obtain an insurance policy.  The primary (and cheapest) option is through

In the dropdown box select:

North Carolina --> Appalachian State University (DO NOT Choose App State Photo/Film)

Policy Limit: $3,000

Deductible: $100 

DO NOT ADD Additional Liability Coverage

The premium + processing fee is $76 for one year (two full semesters plus summer, if necessary).  

After purchasing, bring a copy of your proof of insurance to the equipment room.  You must also sign a liability agreement, available from your professor.  You will then be able to check out equipment that is specific to the class(es) you are taking during the semester.

Thank you,

The Beasley Cage