Electronic Media/Broadcasting

This major has evolved over the years in both name and approach from "Broadcasting" to "Electronic Media / Broadcasting." This is because of the many career opportunities in the field in addition to broadcasting; for example, with audio or video production companies.

The Electronic Media/Broadcasting sequence is designed to give the student a theoretical foundation complemented by practical skills. Students edit video projects using Final Cut Pro in Video Production, get hands-on experience as camera operators and audio and technical directors in Television Studio Production, and can work at App TV or at WASU, the department's broadcast radio station, to supplement their classroom learning. 

You can use this form to apply to the EM/B program. 

Program of Study

Here is the program of study .  

Semester-by-Semester Four-Year Plan

The university provides a four-year guide that is a recommended semester-by semester plan of study for each major in the Department of Communication The four-year guide is meant as an example of how a degree can be completed in four years. Individual plans will be developed for each student in consultation with your academic adviser.